We proudly represent the 1000+ Flight Attendants working at Air Canada Rouge based in Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver.

CUPE Local 4098 - rouge

​Union Structure

Local Structure

Robyn Jenkins
Local 4098 President

Craig Smith
Local 4098 Vice President

Nicole Ratis
Local 4098 Secretary-Treasurer

David Theberge
YUL Base Vice President

Issa Ammari
YUL Base Vice President

Maxime Audet
YYZ Base Vice President

Heather Kelly
YYZ Base Vice President

Natasha Pereira
YYZ Base Vice President

Marco Da Ponte
YVR Base Vice President

Air Canada Component

Marie-Helene Major
Component President

Beth Mahan
Component Vice President

Wesley Lesosky
Component Secretary Treasurer

ACCEX Structure

Guillaume LeDuc
Local 4091 YUL

Denis Monpetit
Local 4092 YYZ

Carolyn Bugnon
Local 4094 YVR

Kim Wentzell
Local 4095 YYC

Robyn Jenkins
Local 4098 Rouge